Design Styles

Interior design is a personal expression of your style, from fabric selection to furnishings and lighting fixtures. Do you know which design styles really appeal to you, or which would work best in a particular room or your entire living space? Perhaps you’ve thought about incorporating elements of a particular style into your home but aren’t really sure if they’ll work. CJ Dean Designs – Decorating Den Interiors breaks down the many styles of design you have to choose from, and make it easy to find which suits your personality and your home the best!

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Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design

The contemporary style is popular in modern homes, as it blends a range of styles from the 20th century together that make for a clean, simple look. Contemporary style breaks the traditional rules of design to create a casual, eclectic space that emphasizes the importance of comfort.

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Mid-Century Modern Design

Does your personal taste break the mold? Do you hate designs that feel busy with unnecessary accessories? Are you drawn to natural materials and muted tones? Are “clean” and “simple” a staple in your everyday vocabulary? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, mid-century modern interior design is ideal for you.

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Country Dining Room Design

Country Design

The simple, cozy elements featured in country decor make a home feel more lived-in and personal. Country design is defined by location, the two most common being English and French Country.

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Coastal or rustic interior design

Rustic Design/Coastal

This design plays with free-form shapes and natural elements used to make materials to create a comforting and homey environment ideal for living spaces such as the dining room, kitchen, or den.

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Traditional Interior Designer Beaverton

Traditional Design

The forms, colors, and materials popularized by Old World European culture and American history are prominent in traditional design. This style is extremely versatile and very common in modern homes, featuring dark woods, heavily detailed architecture, and luxurious furnishings.

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Transitional Design Style

Transitional Design

Transitional design, also referred to as “Updated Classic,” takes the classic elements of design and adds a contemporary twist to them. It blends the comfort of traditional styles with the clean, sophisticated aspects of contemporary design.

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Eclectic Design Style

Eclectic Design

Eclectic design makes it so you don’t have to! Like contemporary design, the eclectic style combines elements from various time periods to create a unique, cohesive look.

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